Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How You Can Die While Gaming

Many of us play games from time to time but not for that long. There is an exception for a few other people, they like to play almost the entire day, they are considered to be hardcore gamer. There is a downside to playing games for a long time, that downside is death.

While playing for an hour or two isn't bad for your health, you can't play for that long without a break. Some breaks in-between your gaming session is ideal to keep up your overall health. Your going to need to take a 5 minute break from not looking at the TV with some stretching and walking around. Not only will taking breaks helps you concentrate once you get back into the game it also helps some the irritation you get from looking at the screen for too long. If you don't take breaks then your in for a treat, you are at risk of getting a stroke or a heart attack.

You may be wondering how is it possible to get a heart attack while gaming. The reason is due to the way our bodies are made. If you sit down for a prolonged  long time, blood clots start to form on the lower half of your legs. The blood pressure isn't as strong as it would be as if you were standing up. Think of it as a water hose, bending the hose greatly decrease the water pressure, this is essentially what is happening in our blood when you sit down.

Once enough blood clots have formed on your legs, when you decide to finally stand up to move the clot will be released back into your bloodstream. When this clot gets stuck in one of your smaller arteries or heads to your heart, you can easily die. If the clot gets stuck in your smaller arteries it will stop the blood flow, if you don't go the the hospital and get that clot removed you will surely die. If the clot heads into your heart then you are surely to get a heart attack or a stroke.

The best remedies to prevent blood clots forming is to always move around and take breaks every once in a while like I stated earlier. Having a healthy diet also greatly reduces the chances of clots forming while improving your overall health. Try to move your feet while sitting to keep the circulation going by flexing or rotating your feet.

Hope you are now aware of this if you haven't before. Here's an example of how someone died from sitting too long because of gaming. (sorry can't embed the video)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Unlimited Detail Is Back With Graphics Tech That Blows Away Polygons Out Of The Water

Last year we saw a new company show up from no where showing the possibilities of video game graphics of the future. By getting rid of the polygons and using actual atoms to make up the graphics.

Well after 1 year of a no show, they have come back with a new identity Euclideon. I'm not sure if what they say/show is true or not, but this is just amazing how much they have progressed. I cant wait to see how much further this technology develops if its real.