Monday, June 13, 2011

Is Sony Shooting Itself In The Foot With PS Vita?

 With E3 still fresh in our minds some of us must still be wondering, what was Sony thinking with naming of the "NGP". Yes that wasn't the official name but even that name sounds better then "Vita". Oh how they have shot themselves in the foot, and this is just the name, so many other points to follow.

Firstly let me just get this out of the way, Vita really? No PSP 2, no PSP "dos" something anything....instead we get "Vita". I understand vita means life in latin but even then, who is going to know that. And saying vita doesn't really roll off the tongue now does it?  Heck, PSP Go would of been a better name for this. But instead the "Go" name went to the other PSP failure that flopped hard. Sony should have taken the time to come up with a better name, or should of just slapped a 2 at the end. Well that's strike 1 for Sony.

Strike 2, partnering up with at&t. It wouldn't have been a big deal with us unless we were able to choose other carries, but sine its ONLY at&t Sony can go suck it. At&t is one of thee worst cell phone carriers out there. They are the Microsoft of cell phone carriers. Over charging, hidden fee's, bad service and capped internet, all the things any corporate company will do to save every penny they have. All they see is profit and don't give a shit about their customers. So having to deal with them just to use the internet on the "Vita" is abysmal!

Lastly is the price, for $250 (or be it $300 if you want to get over charged up your ass by at&t by using 3G) is way to expensive. Strike 3 for Sony, your out! I would rather get the 3DS the better handheld for that price. Not only does the "Vita" not have an internal HDD which who knows how much is going to cost to get an external memory, but it also doesn't have 3D like the 3DS does. The "Vita"  may be more powerful then the 3DS, but look what happened with the DS and the PSP. The DS had the better games while PSP barley had anything, history will repeat itself  once again since the "Vita" as of now doesn't even have any good games if any at all. Its mostly going to get console ports just as the PSP did. While the 3DS will thrive with fun innovative 3D games. On a side note I didn't even talk about the size of that thing. But I can leave that for another day.

Let's recap shall we? The name, horrible. Patterning up with at&t, stupid. The price, might as well get the 3DS. You may disagree with my views but seeing how the PSP Go flopped and how the PSP and DS turned out. What makes you think this time its going to be any different?



  1. Good comparison, I agree vita is a stupid name,

  2. I actually disagree fully with this. I'd rather buy 1 system every 5-7 years than buy a system every 2 years. How often do DS's come out. Think about it. They debuted in what, 04? They've had, the DS, the DSlite, DSi, 3DS in that span. So 4 iterations of literally the same hardware. For the PS, it was the PSP, PSPGo, and now PSVita, in nearly the same timeframe. So while the Nintendo version might be cheaper per, if you were to buy them all, which are literally the same thing but different gimmicks added, you'd be spending more. At leas the Vita is a legit upgrade from the PSP. It can supposedly support PS3 type gameplay and graphics. That's revolutionary for a handheld. The 3DS seems more like a 3D DS rather than a 3D Gamecube or Wii.

    Now the partnership, that might suck, but i doubt you have to get 3G.

  3. This is the most retarded article are u kidding me 250 is to much but it ok to pay that for the 3rd I have a 3ds and I regret buying it soooo much first of their are zero good games as of now the only decent games that the system has is Zelda which I beat on 64 and twice again on wii and super street fighter 4 which is just what u said ps vita will have a ports second did u see e3 the exclusives that are coming out with vita are great killIzone resistance and lpb and the graphics are far superior also your forgetting the best quality of the vita and that is an extra anolog stick which makes games like cod and other shooters true console like games the only thing I agree with in this article is vita is a bad name but I'll get used to it also I kinda agree with the AT&T part but it's optional and I'm waiting for 3G prices it's nice to have the option