Thursday, July 21, 2011

Awesome New BF3 Alpha Footage

News has been a bit slow, but these new BF3 videos that have surfaced are amazing, enjoy.

PS the fly-by missile sound at 0:43 is amazing.

So far I can tell DICE went all out with the recording of real world guns and missiles and the feel of combat. I personally can not wait for this game.

Also if the video's have been taken down I am sorry, these videos shouldn't even be up :) so enjoy them while they are.


  1. if the game will continue to grow at the rate every six months, you will need to change your machine;___;

  2. Looks amazing, especially the knife stab animation.

  3. This is starting to look like quite an interesting game, after all...

  4. I am getting this game for sure I can't wait for the BETA also.