Thursday, July 7, 2011

Blog Will Continue Once My 2TB HDD Arrives

I'm posting from my android phone right now, its a lot harder typing since you can easily make a mistake while typing. Thats not even including the hassle with the zooming in and out and the occasional lag input. At least the auto correct comes in handy :-)

I bought a 2TB Western Digital Caviar hard drive for 79.99 on Amazon, seems like the best bang for the buck so why not. Once I save up enough money I will buy two more HDD's so I can have a RAID 0 + 1 drive. I never have done a raid set up but I will research on how to do it.

My HDD should be here by Monday or Tuesday till then, be safe guys.


  1. Nice, sorry to hear about your old one.

  2. Good luck with that ! I still have a shitty 160gb hard drive on my laptop, don't know how I can still be using that.

    anyway : ANDROID RULES ! haha

  3. Looks nice wish my own was 2tb.

  4. bummer bout old one but cool that you still have a way to post via driod :)

  5. It seems like just yesterday I bought a 500gb caviar black for $130 and thought I had the most space in the world.

    Four times as much for $50 less. Sheesh. Time to upgrade.

  6. se ve bueno, ojalas que llege luego :P